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2021 Dusty Donkey Gravel Series Stage 3

**Stage 3 Route Was Modified! Please Save The New Version!

A lot of folks recently raced in Kansas, right? Why not bring that same type of rolling, chunky, deep and loose gravel to Stage 3 as well?! We're heading north! BRING EXTRA WATER FOR THIS STAGE!! It gets very remote up north and there is nowhere to refill on the route.


Again, the series will run through RWGPS. If you don’t have a RWGPS account, please create one (for free - click here) so you can participate. The leaderboard is dedicated to only those who RSVP for each stage. Ok, the details/rules you’ve all been waiting for:

Stage 3: 06/26 - 07/03

  1. Always #1. HAVE FUN. This series is the exact opposite of anything official or serious

  2. Everyone will have 1 full week to ride the route. Ride it as many times as you like. Only your best time will appear on the leaderboard (leaderboard will be live during the stage week)

  3. STAY ON ROUTE. Last year, everyone emailed their ride link afterwards. We've graduated from that. If you go off route, you will not appear on the leaderboard

  4. **IMPORTANT DETAIL** If you go off route and do not appear on the leaderboard after you ride the stage, go ride the stage again. YOU MUST BE ON THE LEADERBOARD TO BE CONSIDERED FOR POSSIBLE PRIZES/OVERALL GC

  5. Obey all traffic/trail/bike path/laws as you are solely responsible for yourself. In no way are the GRVL DNKYS responsible for you. Ride at your own risk

  6. Sign up for RWGPS if you don’t have an account (it’s free). Your ride needs to be uploaded in order for you to appear on the leaderboard

  7. Once you RSVP for the event, it will appear in purple on your RWGPS calendar. Route/Leaderboard details can be found by clicking the event on your RWGPS calendar

  8. Be nice. Have fun. Smile a lot. You’re riding your bike!


  10. **IMPORTANT DETAIL** You must be in our FB Group or be a member of our RWGPS Club to be considered for prizes/GC



Screen Shot 2021-06-22 at 7.34.17 AM.png

Partnering with us for Stage 3 is Fresh Tracks Coffee, a local Boulder nano roastery. Fresh Tracks Coffee is a perfect fit for us because of their motto: "here's to brewing up adventure, wherever it may take you!" Click the logo to go to their site and order that fresh goodness!

"Fresh Tracks Coffee, a nano roastery from Boulder, Colorado, is focused on fueling adventurous and active people (we see you GRVL DNKYS!) with perfectly roasted single-origin natural or honey processed coffee. We think the perfect day starts with a great cup of coffee (no matter if you’re at home, camping, or traveling) and sets you up for success wherever your adventure takes you. Just because you’re on a dirt road in the middle of nowhere (one of our favorite spots) doesn’t mean you can’t have a good cup of coffee."

*The male and female winners of Stage 3 will receive a 3 month coffee subscription and a 5 pack of their new single-serve steep packs (for on-the-go deliciousness). 

*The blue section of the route is the actual Stage segment*
Click map to go to Event

Dusty Donkey Gravel Series Stage 3 Results

Screen Shot 2021-07-09 at 7.23.30 AM.png
Screen Shot 2021-07-09 at 7.15.29 AM.png

Reminder: You must be in the GD Facebook Group or RWGPS Club to be considered for prizes/GC

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