2022 Dusty Donkey Gravel Series Stage 1

2022 Dusty Donkey Gravel Series Schedule
Stage 1: 04/23 - 04/30
Stage 2: TBD

It's time! The 2022 Dusty Donkey Gravel Series kicks off this weekend, Saturday 04/23/22! Welcome back if you've participated before. If you're new, glad to have you. This year will host two stages, with routes being submitted by you, the riders. Stage 1 was voted on and John Breznicki's challenging route was the winner.

To participate and be eligible for prizes,
YOU MUST BE IN THE FACEBOOK GROUP OR THE RWGPS CLUB. Please RSVP so you appear on the Leaderboard. You have 1 week. Ride the course as many times as you want. Only your best time will appear on the Leaderboard. YOU MUST STAY ON COURSE to show up on the Leaderboard. If you go off course, and do not show up on the Leaderboard, you have two options: 1) deal with it, and 2) go ride the route again!

Event Link: Click Here
Route Download: Click Here
RWGPS Club: Click Here

**You must upload your ride to RWGPS and ensure the ride is public in order to appear on the Leaderboard.

Ride at your own risk. Please be responsible!

Good luck!



For the third straight year, our friends at Revelo will be partnering and offering an awesome prize pack to the male and female winners of Stage 1. Best times will receive their choice of a Belt and a Wallet! As always, we want to thank the awesome people at Revelo for partnering with us. They are local, show your support!

From the Revelo website:
...revelo didn’t start out with the ambition to recycle, rather, it began simply from a love of cycling; it just happened that the medium we used to express that passion was recycled materials. Now in our twelfth year, we recycle more than 1,000 pounds of tires, tubes and vinyl every year. We use a great deal of everything that comes our way, but what we can’t use is in turn recycled at our local hard-to-recycle center, EcoCycle, in Boulder.

Reminder: You must be in the GD Facebook Group or RWGPS Club to be considered for GC